Songs from the Heart

commissioned by, and in collaboration with graphic designer Rob van Hoesel

Songs from the Heart is the catalog for the 2014 edition of BredaPhoto, an international festival on photography. This year’s theme was derived from the notion that authenticity is becoming increasingly important in our modern society of mass-consumption.

“Romanticism is a word with multiple meanings. It points to a historic period and the ideals from that time, but it’s also become a cuss word, an accusation of uninspired kitsch.”

To play with the idea of romance and kitsch, we decided to expand the current identity typeface—the Bureau Grotesk—with a more swirly, romantic typeface—the Clearface.

Since the main purpose of having a festival catalogue is to show the work of all exhibiting photographers, we also decided to make a simple grid on which we could playfully vary between the different artists. This way we could give a photographer whose images are more classical and framed a well-balanced white frame, while we placed the more modernist images adjacent with bled edges. This resulted in a clean, but seemingly loose structure.

Songs from the Heart is published by The Eriskay Connection.