Sense of Smell

commissioned by, and in collaboration with graphic designer Rob van Hoesel

This publication was commissioned by CMD (the faculty of Communication and Multimedia Design of Avans University, Breda), and is a collection of the current and future possibilities of scent integration in media- and communication design. These range from revolutionary thought-experiments to products and services that we could currently implement. It brings the work of leading international olfactory-artists, -designers, -thinkers and -researchers together with concepts, experiments and prototypes by students and professors.

Because of the amount of bilingual content, we decided upon a slightly unusual page-size that gave us a lot of height, but still was very economical to print. By placing all English text in black on the top or left side of the page, and all Dutch text in a rusty red Pantone colour on the bottom or right side of the page, the division between the two became very clear.

The publication is centre stitched and selfcovered, to give it the feel of a reader—a work in progress. Because the pages were trimmed before folding, and all pages had a coloured navigation bar on the outer edge, this resulted in a distinctive coloured gradient on the trimming edge.

Sense of Smell is published by The Eriskay Connection.