Like and Share

commissioned by the graduating photography students of St. Joost, Breda

One year after graduating from St. Joost myself in 2014, the then graduating students of the faculty of photography asked me to design their graduation catalogue, which is distributed for free during the graduation exhibitions.

Since many of the students were not working with photography in the classic sense, and were more into installation and multimedia design, they came up with the name Like and Share, to emphasize the modern and largely digital society.

In the past, the graduation catalogues were usually quite small, and often contained just one image per student. Therefore they asked me to think of a way to stretch the possibilities of having a professionally designed publication with lots of room for multiple images for every student, without having to stretch the budget much more than usual.

To solve this, I came up with a large size, but economical design that was self-covered and centre stiched, reserving a full spread for every student. In the middle of the signature, eight pages of thinner, recycled paper were added for the pieces of text on the projects, and black-and-white thumbnails of the spreads for reference. To emphasize the idea of a collection of very different artworks, I placed all images intuitively without using a grid.