Groningen Journal of International Law

The student-led scientific journal Groningen Journal of International Law asked me to design a new identity for them.

They wanted a simple and modernist look, in contrast to their former identity, which was very classical. The basis of the identity was heraldry, where shapes and colours all have unique significance.

The two elements I thought were most important for the organization, were the city of Groningen and the law. Therefore I designed a coat of arms with the flag of the city of Groningen (white-green-white), combined with a white cross (faith and wisdom) on a purple background (justice). By removing all borders and other frivolities, and going back to the essence of these shapes, I ended up with a distinctive modernist logo. Because of the white shapes blending into the background, this also resulted in a clearly visible plus and minus signs, representing the weighing of choices—the scales of Lady Justice.

The rest of the identity is an expansion of this logo, where juxtaposed white, green and purple shapes create a recognizable mosaic for posters and magazine covers.