cartography for Zink (David van Reybrouck)

commissioned by David van Reybrouck

I was asked by Belgian journalist David van Reybrouck to provide three political maps for his upcoming essay on the micronation Neutral-Moresnet, which was founded in 1815 after the defeat of Napoleon, and abolished in the aftermath of the First World War.

The first map shows the location of Neutral-Moresnet next to its neighbouring countries the Netherlands, Belgium and the Kingdom of Prussia (present Germany). The second map shows the direct surroundings of the condominium, such as villages and historical municipal borders. The last map focuses on the evolution of the border between Belgium and Germany since the Congress of Vienna, where the division of the municipality of Moresnet started.

Zink is published on the occasion of the “Boekenweek” (book week), a national ten-day festival celebrating Dutch literature. During this event, you can buy the official “Boekenweekessay” (book week essay) at all Dutch and Flemish bookstores. This year, the organization commissioned David van Reybrouck to write the essay on the current theme (“Was ich noch zu sagen hätte”).